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Thank You For Joining Us! We Hope You Enjoyed The Influencer Marketing Day

Capture Audience Attention With New, Authentic & Measurable Influencer Marketing Strategies: Drive Engagement & Authenticity With Powerful Influencer Marketing Strategies & Streamline The Journey From Finding The Right Influencer To Building Long-Term Relationships While Measuring Success & ROI Throughout

A Brand-Led, One-Day Conference & Networking Event, 5th November 2019, Museum of London Docklands, London

Capture Audience Attention & Drive Engagement With Authentic & Refreshed Influencer Marketing Strategies That Guide The Journey In Building Relationships That Deliver Measurable Results & ROI Throughout:

  1. Build The Relevant Metrics For Tangible ROI & Proven  Success: Discover how best to measure and track value added and inform your approach (basic and advanced)
  2. Find The Right Influencer For Your Organisation: Discover the perfect match with a detailed selection process that swaps the fake followers for real reach and engagement
  3. Transparent, Compliant & Communicative Influencer Relationships: Build an honest and ethical relationship with your influencers that is transparent for both parties and follows guidelines
  4. Break The Mould With Fresh, Engaging Content! Ditch the obvious one-off photo approach with innovative and creative content that your audience wants to see (basic and advanced)
  5. Don’t Sacrifice Credibility & Authenticity In Your Partnership: Work with an influencer who believes in your organisation to produce genuine content that matches your ethos and theirs
  6. Forge Long-Lasting Relationships: The benefits of developing brand ambassadors that grow alongside your audience for mutually-beneficial, long-term collaborations
  7. Extend Your Reach Further: Reach out to new customer segments with dedicated influencer marketing campaigns built on the right platforms
  8. Macro-Influencers Vs. Nano Influencers? What’s the real difference for your brand between 100,000 unengaged followers and 1,000 genuine followers?
  9. The Future Of Influencer Marketing: Uncover the platforms, trends and tools to watch out for to stay ahead of the curve


Why Attend The Influencer Marketing Event - Authentic, Impactful:

  1. 12 Brand-Side Influencer Innovators Take To The Stage In 1 Inspiring Day
  2. From The Producers Of The Successful Social Media Results Conference Series 
  3. 10 Years Leading The Way With Brand-Led Social Media Conferences
  4. Basic & Advanced “Engaging Content” Streams
  5. 3 Interactive Panel Discussions: Working With Influencers, Long-Lasting Partnerships & Future Trends
  6. Open Q&A & Networking
  7. 1 Time-Efficient, Compact Day Out Of The Office